Tadashi Nukaga, inventor of stop smoking program Rien Pipe and CEO of Magical Inc.

Corporate Profile

Company Name: Magical, Inc.

Website: www.magical-inc.co.jp
Established: April 10, 1991
Representative Director: Tadashi Nukaga
Base Capital: 56 million yen
Core businesses: Manufacturing and sales of everyday consumer goods; Manufacturing and sales of cosmetics, healthy food and health supplements; Manufacturing and sale of beauty care and health care equipment; Restaurant business management and planning; System software development

Message from the President

Customers know the quality of products best

In 1999, my father entered the hospital because of a tobacco-related illness. He decided to fight the disease with the perhaps obvious decision to quit smoking. Just when it seemed his life would be cut short, he came back from the brink of death itself.

But just as we were celebrating his release from the hospital, I did a terrible thing. Even though my father had successfully quit smoking, I just went on happily puffing away at a cigarette right in front of him. Why is nicotine such an addictive thing? That day he began to smoke again; his health worsened again and finally tobacco killed him. I felt so bad about this that I decided to confront this damage that nicotine can cause, even for those who do not smoke. I decided with all my heart to try and eradicate it.

That is why I developed the Rien Pipe. Today, thanks to a powerful grassroots, word-of-mouth campaign, we have now sold more than 500,000 sets.

This easy approach to quitting smoking has a success rate of approximately 89 percent, but for some time many medical organizations were reluctant to adopt it. But I am happy to say that many more doctors who have seen their patients die from the damage done by tobacco now tell me that they understand the benefits of the Rien Pipe system. Thanks to their enthusiasm, in recent years stop-smoking clinics have also begun to use Rien Pipe as part of their programs. We also have seen an increasing number of orders received from the health and welfare organizations within Japanese companies, groups entrusted with ensuring the health of employees.

As the Internet has grown in importance in recent years, more orders and inquiries have been received, first from Korea, China and other Asian nations, but also from Spain and other countries of the EU. As talk about the seriousness of the damage caused by tobacco grows, the whole smoking world has changed. We think that the time is right for smokers around the world to try the stress-free approach to quitting smoking provided by Rien Pipe.

Tadashi Nukaga
Developer of Rien Pipe and President
Magical, Inc.

Company History

1986Plantex Inc. was established as the forerunner of Magical Inc.
1986Started developing and manufacturing products designed mainly for mail-order sale.
1988Magical cosmetics product line was developed and put on the market.
1988Launched our Magical food series.
1990Hawaiian branch office "Ad-lib Hawaii" was opened.
1991Magical, Inc. was incorporated after 2 of our sections – Magical Cosmetics and Magical Food separated.
1993Opened our dining bar Shara in Takadanobaba, central Tokyo which specializes in the finest brands of Japanese rice wine saké, as well as other liquor brands sold nationwide.
1997Long-selling beauty care item, Up'll C (a natural breast enlargment system) was developed and released.
1997Obtained patent for our sleep quality improving device Rem Sonar (Japanese patent No. 2700469).
1998Sleep quality improving device Rem Sonar was introduced to the market.
1999Sale of our mail-order management software Tsuhan Master.
2001Beginning of our research on the smoke-quitting system Rien Pipe.
2002Made our patent application for the smoke-quitting system Rien Pipe.
2005Started selling Rien Pipe sets, officially approved by the Rien Association.
2010Developed and released anti-aging series Ra's Gear with the contents of low level ionizing radium and later the 100% natural Shea Butter skin care cream.
2012Developed and released our anti-aging cosmetics line Tourmaline Gold containing natural tourmaline and gold. We also started the sales of our health-supporting food Hakkantou , blending 8 precious ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine.
2013Fasting diet food program Magical D-1 was developed and later released.
2014Re-introduced the brand line of our special care cosmetics - Syun and White Skin Pure No.3.
Began sales of Rien Pipe and other products in Korea and Spain.
2015Rien Pipe launched in the US.