Shingo Iwakami, M.D.
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I am doctor and it is an embarrassing thing to say, I have a 18-year history of smoking. I actually quit only 2 years ago, after I read about Rien Pipe program and tried it myself.

I think this method is very unique as it doesn’t involve usage of any medication, nor any other chemical substances.

In our tobacco cessation program, we usually use the combination of nicotine patches, gums and medication. This standard method known as NRT (Nicotine Replacement Treatment) helps to suppresses the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that appear when somebody tries to quit smoking. However, the NRT method is not suitable for everyone, since some people with other health problems don’t react well to the medication or may develop other adverse reactions. It is not suitable for pregnant women either.

Based on my personal experience, I have started introducing Rien Pipe to my patients and also my colleagues as I believe this is a completely new approach to nicotine dependency treatment, promising great results. Not everybody has the strong willpower to stop; the psychological pressure a smoker feels is the most difficult part of the treatment. Rien Pipe is an alternative approach, but it gives a great chance to those, who, like me, have failed in their attempts to quit so many times. My belief is that Rien Pipe has a high potential to dramatically boost the success fullness of tobacco cessation treatment and as such, it should be introduced in more hospitals – in Japan and worldwide.