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Each pipe consists of 2 major parts -- the grey mouthpiece and the main body of the pipe. The main body is assembled from a plastic transparent tube and a brown plastic removable unit. The plastic transparent tube has a white tiny part inside -- this is the tar catching stick. When cleaning the pipe, first separate the mouthpiece from the transparent tube, then remove the tar stick from the transparent tube holding it with a paper tissue. You can clean the stick and the inner part of the tube by wiping off the attached tar with a paper tissue or a cotton bud.

In case too much gunk accumulates in the pipe, we advise washing it well by soaking it for a while in lukewarm water with some added dishwashing liquid or some other neutral detergent. Please be sure to dry the pipes thoroughly before using them again.

Cleaning Rien Pipe quit nicotine addiction filter - Step 2

Separate the mouthpiece from the body by slowly pulling them apart - not by twisting.

Cleaning Rien Pipe smoking cessation aid kit - Step 2

Separate the tar-catching core using a tissue.

Cleaning Rien Pipe quit smoking aid - Step 3

Wipe cleanly the tar-catching core and interior of the body using a tissue.(*You may also rinse the core with water and mild dish detergent if particularly grimy.)

Cleaning Rien Pipe quit smoking aid - Step 4

After cleaning the pipe, insert the internal components, then align the small notches in the mouthpiece and body to re-assemble.