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tar-and-nicotine-pack-smWhen you smoke cigarettes containing 0.1 mg of nicotine and you proceed to pipe No. 31 in our Rien Pipe smoking cessation program, by this time, your nicotine intake becomes as low as only 0.005mg.

This is the level that is considered the limit value — an indicator that tells you successfully freed yourself from your nicotine dependency.

If you normally smoke cigarettes containing more than 0.1mg nicotine, you will need to reuse the Rien Pipes in order to get to this same level.
You will also need to shift to lighter (= 0.1mg nicotine or less) cigarettes.

Click here for more information on which pipe number to start with at this second cycle of Rien Pipe program and check on how to clean and store the pipes to be reused.