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According to our in-house survey, over 70% of Rien Pipe users have succeeded in quitting. The key to their success is using the pipes sequentially – in the right order – for 31 days*. By doing so, they were able to reduce their intake of nicotine even while smoking.

Most users are able to successfully quit smoking because they followed a simple rule: use a pipe with every cigarette you smoke.  The majority of those who fail to stop smoking with Rien Pipe have broken that rule, because they don’t really want to stop smoking. Even if your nicotine dependence is eased, as long as you intend to smoke, you won’t be able to stop smoking.

You don’t need to have iron willpower to stop smoking, but you do need to keep thinking about quitting smoking and take positive steps toward changing your lifestyle by adopting non-smoking habits.

*31 days is the expected stopping period for cigarettes containing 0.1mg nicotine. An extended quit schedule is necessary for cigarettes containing more than 0.1mg nicotine. Individual results may vary. Visit here for more information on making a quit smoking schedule.