Smoking cigarettes while sick with a cold? Why colds often feel worse to smokers
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Many smokers try to temporarily quit smoking when they catch a cold.  For some reason, smokers feel in even worse shape smoking while sick.

Actually, when a smoker catches a cold, it can be a good time to start quitting.  Here we’ll discuss why that might be the case.


Why you feel cigarettes taste bad when you’re sick

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Different smokers have mentioned that when they start feeling under the weather, smoking in general takes on a whole new tone.  Although their habit nudges them toward smoking even when they catch a cold, when they actually have a smoke, they feel even worse than usual.  This causes some to try not smoking, which has varying outcomes – in some cases it causes people to feel absolutely horrible.

It turns out that this isn’t all in your head.  Viruses can affect olfactory nerves or cause nasal congestion, both of which in turn can have a significant impact on how things taste and smell.  When you’re healthy, your perception of flavors and smells is relatively normal, and you can likely taste the difference in taste and smell between different cigarette brands.  However, when you catch a cold, the taste of cigarettes changes.  For many people, they taste pretty terrible.

And in a way the truth is revealed.  Tobacco is not originally delicious.  Instead, the additives and nicotine kind of trick the brain into thinking cigarettes are “delicious.”


Smoking exacerbates colds

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Smoking while sick is a great way to make your cold even worse.  Nevertheless, some people will smoke just as heavily as they typically would when healthy.  Also, when you’re under the weather, smoking may cause the body to recover more slowly and cold symptoms to worsen.

It is said that the whole body suffers chronic oxygen deficiency due to the harmful substances in tobacco inhaled while smoking, such as nicotine and carbon monoxide.  As nicotine intake may also lower immunity and cause vitamin C deficiency, there is a possibility that it will be somewhat easier for smokers to catch a cold or become more easily fatigued.


Caught a cold? Great chance to try quitting smoking!

When you catch a cold you will feel just how bad cigarettes are.  For this reason, catching a cold is an excellent opportunity to try to quit smoking.

Given just how gross smoking while sick can make you feel, it may be a better time to quit than when you’re healthy.  Telling yourself that you’ll stop smoking while you’re sick may be a good way to reinforce this message in your mind.  During the first few days, you may feel nicotine cravings and suffer other smoking withdrawal symptoms, but these gradually subside.  Staying focused on getting healthy may help make this transition period easier.  In fact, achieving success at quitting until you’re healthy again may make you more confident in taking the next step: to complete smoking cessation.


Final word

When you’re down with a cold, your body feels bad, but if you continue smoking while sick, there is the concern that your cold will worsen.  Tobacco really provides few, if any, perceived “benefits”, and overwhelmingly many things are lost.  Success in quitting smoking can come down to timing.  When you’re sick, it can be an ideal time to try resetting your body and getting away from cigarettes.