How long until I stop thinking about smoking? 3 things to help you change
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Even after they decide to quit smoking, many people find it difficult to keep to their resolve and give up along the way.  In many ways, it’s not your fault – it’s nicotine’s.

Many of the smokers we know have been smoking for 10 or more years.  In some cases, over half their lives have been spent as smokers.  As one result of this, giving up the habit of smoking would seem to be quite a challenge.  Once you have made the life-changing decision to quit smoking for good, it would be a shame to hit a rough patch during a quit, slip, and end up back where you started.

However, if you can decide in advance what to do in those moments when you just want a puff, you can raise your chances at staying quit.  Here we’ll introduce 3 ways to resist cravings.


1. Replace cigarettes with food (or something else)

chocolate good smokers

It may sound a little weird, but when smokers give up cigarettes, their mouths feel a little lonely.  Indeed, for many people, using food as a substitute tends to help considerably – gum and chocolate being favorites for many.  However, one of the fears that many have is over gaining weight after quitting smoking; caution is needed to eat too much during quitting smoking.

Dietary intake tends to increase more than during smoking because the smoker ‘s appetite restrained by nicotine returns to a natural state by quitting smoking. Besides, the taste improves better than when smoking, the food feels tasty, and it is easy to over-eat as a compensatory behavior of smoking, which inevitably makes it fat.

Although I started smoking cessation for my health, it is meaningless if I gain weight and become unhealthy. However, because there is also a side of meal as a compensating behavior, considering the risk of smoking again, it can not be said that simply reducing the amount of meals is not enough. If you want to eat to lose your loneliness, let’s take low calorie food. The basic way of thinking is the same as dietary diet.


2. Exercise while getting some outside air

The most healthy way to compensate for smoking is to exercise while sucking outside air. Among smokers, I think many people become a habit to get up on the first thing in the morning smoking cigarettes. Let’s fill the lungs with fresh outside air instead of cigarette smoke with smoking cessation. There is a “breathing exercise” to inhale smoke into one of the habits of cigarettes, and breathing out the outside air is also called “respiratory movement”. The deep breath also has a relaxing effect, you will feel the taste of the natural air, you will feel the refreshingness of smoking cessation throughout the body.

Also, by doing exercise, such as jogging, to a little extra breath, the desire to smoke cigarettes will be diminished, so it would be effective to do it in set with deep breath. Stress tends to accumulate during smoking cessation, but exercise is best for diverging.

If you want to smoke, if you have time at private etc. If you have jogging outside, such as a short break, do not breathe deep breath outside if you do not have time.


3. Trying acupressure points

There is an acupressure of ear in a method to momentarily suppress the feeling wanting to smoke cigarettes. There are many points in the ears, and it is said that various effects can be expected depending on where you press.

In the case of smoking cessation, it is said that feelings of wanting to smoke can be suppressed by pushing three points of call called “shinko (shinko)”, “sweet ayu (funuti)” “mouth” I will.

There is no need to push hard, so let’s modify the force to the extent that your head gets stuck so as not to hurt the skin. Let’s stimulate these three points once a day at a favorable timing.

There are some points that are expected to help smoking cessation on the palm and legs as well. It may be good to push yourself even if you experts have actually pushed them and remember the degree of strength and the position of points as body. I think that it is good to add as a support for other smoking cessation law thinking that pushing pushing stimulates acupoints to support attitudinal attitude and effort for smoking cessation.


Final word

It is unavoidable that you may want to smoke casually when you are smoking. Especially if you are just beginning smoking cessation, there will be many intense conflicts.

If you really want to smoke cigarettes, please try the three countermeasures you introduced. Everything you try is to focus on the method that suits you. Over time, the situation that you can not put up with quit smoking should gradually decrease.

It may be that you have succeeded in quitting smoking while repeating trial and error. First of all, try simple non-smoking habits and non-smoking goods and try various challenges, if you have trouble, consult a doctor or counselor.


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