Yui Yamamura
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Name: Yui Yamamura*
Smoker for: 21+ years
*Yui asked us not to use her real name, but the rest of her comments are in her words.

How have you tried quitting in the past?

I've read books such as Allen Carr's "Easy way to Quit smoking", and others without success. I've tried hypnotherapy without success as well. I'd quit cold turkey a few years ago for 6 months due to an operation where I couldn't smoke for a week and for some reason I was able to do that without any problem and stay off of it for 6 months. I eventually started smoking again due to work stress.

What appealed about the Rien Pipe quit approach?

Quitting cold turkey hasn't been successful (except for the above mentioned one time) and I realize it may be the nicotine addiction that is in the way. I've never tried a nicotine reduction way, so wanted to give it a go.

My quit story - Yui Yamamura

Day 2

One thing I've noticed is that the pipe itself takes a little getting used to. I somehow don't taste the menthol as much as without the pipe but it's all minor.  I also notice that if I don't watch out I tend to smoke longer (closer to the bud) as the pipe creates more distance.

The texture of the pipe does take some getting use-to, but it's less bothering on Day 2, though I do miss smoking through the regular filters, I must admit. I smoke the Malboro Iceblast 1mg which you first bite into to break the menthol capsule. So I always have this initial contact with the regular cigarette filters that I've been used to for years. But the temptation hasn't been overwhelming, and I will keeping using the filters.

Day 10

I'm on Day 10 and am now completely used to using the pipe. The number of cigarettes smoked in a day have also decreased which is good news.

Day 14

Ed. note: We asked Yui whether a "quit blog" would be helpful for others, and whether we could post her experiences here.

I think the idea of a "quit blog" would be very helpful [for others]. I'm particularly interested in how people decrease the amount of cigarettes smoked. Does it come rapidly toward to end or is it gradual from the beginning or perhaps it's just really depends from person to person. This bit of information is what I wanted in addition on the testimonials website. Especially on the gentleman who said quitting with RP was so easy. I wonder if he was able to just quit cold turkey after Day 31?

I was away over the weekend and forgot to take the purse with the additional Rien Pipe so I am a day behind (I was on Day 13 for Sat & Sun), Day 14 today. I figured it was sensible to not jump ahead to Day 15 but follow the sequence.

Day 23

I'm on Day 23 today, and for about 4 or 5 days, my interest in smoking has dropped significantly. I now only have 2 or 3 at the maximum where I was starting from smoking one pack a day. One issue is the filters seem a lot tighter, so I need to suck much harder to inhale properly. At first I thought some pipes were defective and tried cleaning it (as mentioned in the leaflet) without any success. Now I feel like I can't be bothered to suck that hard to smoke, and hence my interest dropped and I found myself fine without smoking. And with exercising a bit of will when I encounter moments where I usually have a cigarette, I'm able to forgo smoking.

I was at first unsure if I would be able to completely quit within 31 days but now I'm more confident.

Day 25

I have noticed my sense of taste revive. It's as though my tongue is a lot more sensitive to stimulation. I notice I'm able to distinguish ingredients a lot more precisely in the dishes that I eat. Sense of smell, I haven't really noticed a difference.

It's been a mysterious experience how the interest in smoking suddenly vanishes. I didn't really keep track but it must have been around Day 17-19, that I think I just stopped thinking about smoking and found myself fine with that.

Yesterday (Day 24), I only had one cigarette. Today (Day 25), none so far (9pm) and I threw away the rest of the cigarettes I had on hand. I think now it's just the psychological preparation of committing to fully quit.

What was your impression of the experience with Rien Pipe?

Having tried to quit the "will power" way and after failing so many times, your confidence takes a toll, and you don't really realize how powerful nicotine is, so this success story has given me a renewed confidence in myself. I had a deep sense of shame for smoking so it's great to feel so liberated. At one point, I was giving up on quitting because I didn't want to fail again. But thanks for proving me wrong!

I had a look at the [blog post on your website about weight gain after quitting smoking]. It all makes sense, but to be totally honest, the power to indulge in sweet fattening things at times are too overwhelming. What's helped me is to keep reminding myself that it is a temporary gain while my body readjusts, and the gain far exceeds  putting on a few kilos. Well, I've actually put on 6 kilos.... However, I'm exercising everyday for an hour where I hardly exercised before so I think the overall health gain is significantly higher than being a heavy smoker and weighing 6 kilos less. So my advice would be to stress somewhere that the health gain is so much more beneficial than putting on some weight. It's also helped me to look at sites that tell you how much your body organs recover after quitting smoking. It's been very motivating to know exactly what's happening to my body post quitting and has been a huge deterrent in the few times that I've wanted to have a puff.

And I know myself well, and feel that like alcoholism "Once a smoker, always a smoker" so if I even take one puff, I may go back, so I plan to stay away from it like a pest! A friend of mine who quit reading the Allen Carr book said before that if you have an addictive personality, you have to quit completely and never allow yourself to be a social smoker. I found Rien Pipe easy without having to use much will power but I think staying off you will need to exercise some will power and it would be good to hear that too. Am I making sense?

If there's anything I can do to help I'd be glad to help spread the word about Rien Pipe.  I'm definitely telling my remaining smoker friends.



We're so proud of you, Yui. Welcome to the nicotine-free club.