My Rien Pipe Quit Experience: Mai
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Name: Mai
Smoker for: 20+ years

Week 1

I'll do my best with my goal to stop smoking!

As I've been a smoker for over 20 years, I have been thinking a lot about aging and health, and felt it would be good to give up smoking. That's when I encountered this product.

My cigs are 1mg. At the beginning, I felt that the taste might be thinner, but as I kept smoking, I got used to things and continued without any issues. I like how I could smoke as many cigarettes as usual, and just by continuing to switch to the next pipe in order each day was easy - I started thinking I might finally be able to give up smoking.

Rien Pipe quit smoking kit
Rien Pipe stop smoking box package
How does Rien Pipe connect to cigarette filter?

Week 2

Two weeks have gone by since I started "stopping smoking, while smoking" with Rien Pipe.

At the beginning, I wasn't fully accusutomed to smoking with the filter and the length of the cigarette + pipe took some getting used to as well, but I'd gradually become fine with both and with having to remember to attach a filter before smoking.

I don't feel that the number of cigarettes I smoke has changed much.

Each day before using the next pipe, I carefully wipe off the tar that's accumulated in the Rien Pipe, before handing it over to my husband, who's a day behind me. (We're reusing the pipes and quitting together.) Each time I see the tar, I think about how much has collected. It's kind of good incentive.

Until now, I hadn't been able to quit smoking, but when I read how Rien Pipe "reduces nicotine by 3% per day" and about the "3% cut is a value the brain doesn't distinguish", I thought about the power of the mind.

Also when I went to work, I sometimes realized I forgot to bring it with me, so there were several times I returned home, got the Rien Pipe, and continued on. During these times, I thought about what it means to "quit smoking" and about my drive to succeed.

I'm serious about quitting and so I'll keep focused on my goal.

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How much tar nicotine is collected in cigarette?
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Clean Rien Pipe

Week 3

Finally, it's the end of my 3rd week and soon my last week will start.

When I started out this week, I noticed that when I smoked, there wasn't a lot coming out of the pipe. So much so that I began wondering whether this thing was working, or whether I was still actually smoking, or what. Seemed I was lighting up without as much happening. I started thinking that maybe I was just wasting money on cigarettes if that was the case.

Also it seems that it takes me longer to smoke each cigarette, so I have been cutting down on how many I smoke each day.

I'd had a sore throat for such a long time (irritated and phlegmy) but was really happy when it started feeling a bit better.

I feel like until now, I'd been saying that quitting would have been impossible, but now maybe I can do it? (I'd tried giving it up so many times before. But this time, I didn't feel like I was punishing myself.)

So in the 4 days I have left, I want to spend my final week in the hope I can finally say goodbye to cigarettes.

Rien Pipe tobacco smoking filters in package
Rien Pipe tobacco quit smoking filters in foil package
Attaching Rien Pipe to cigarette

Week 4

So my 4 weeks of "stopping smoking, while smoking" with Rien Pipe are finally over and I'm done with Pipe #31.

Over the past few weeks, I was able to reach Pipe #31 without feeling any particular frustration. Perhaps that's what that 3%/day nicotine cut really amounts to.

And I'd decided I'm done with smoking. Before, I was a bit concerned about whether I would be able to quit, but it was easier than imagined.

A few days before I used Pipe #31, I noticed that the number of cigarettes I smoked per days had fallen considerably, so I decided not to buy another pack. It was kind of like the start to my non-smoking life.

And since I quit buying cigarettes, I decided I should also put away my ashtray.

When I woke up and after I had a meal - smoking was there and such a part of my life. Even now, sometimes I think, "Oh I just want one," but then I think that if I don't have a cigarette, I won't stress over things.

It's this feeling - this mantra - that I've gotten used to.

So all along, I have been using the Rien Pipe along with my husband. And we've successfully quit together. Become a non-smoking couple in just about a month.

Day one passed, which is often said to be toughest with withdrawal; then we survived days 3 and 7; and finally during week 3 I somehow felt we would be able to quit smoking and move forward in our lives.

Also, our home has started to smell less smokey, and I hope our clothes are as well.

Since I often smoke when I go drinking with others from the office, I purchased your "Mamori Pipe" product so I could keep Pipe #31 with me just in case.

I really appreciate my encounter with Rien Pipe and hope that others thinking about quitting smoking for their family's health can use the product. I definitely recommend Rien Pipe to others to enable a non-smoking life.

Keeping Rien Pipe for that just-in-case occasion if you fall off the wagon