Keep Pipe GR (For Regular Cigarettes)


The Rien Pipe cessation program is designed to gradually wean people off nicotine – the physically addictive chemical in cigarettes. Although by the end of the program, users’ bodies no longer need nicotine, it may take some additional time to adjust lifestyle habits. Keep Pipe – a box of 10 Rien Pipe #31 – is designed to cut out 95% of nicotine, helping support you until you decide take the final step toward freedom from cigarettes.

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Product Description

Supporting you all the way through.

The Rien Pipe cessation program is designed to gradually wean you off nicotine, the addictive ingredient in cigarettes, at the gentle rate of around 3% each day.  While many customers choose to stop smoking within the program's duration, not everyone is ready to quit.  For this reason, we have designed the Keep Pipe series - containing 10 Rien Pipe #31 filter attachments - to help you stay off nicotine while you prepare to kick the habit entirely.

Kit contains: Rien Pipe GR #31 x 10 filters (intended for regular cigarettes)


* NOTE: This is not a substitute for the Rien Pipe Quit Kit (containing 31 Rien Pipes). Only purchase Keep Pipe after you have completed the Rien Pipe cessation program.


The Global Regular version of Keep Pipe, intended for cigarettes with diameters of 7.8 to 8.0mm.

NOTE: If you use slim cigarettes, please choose the Global Slim version.

Not sure about the cigarette diameter?

Download a free PDF tool here to check before you buy.


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Weight46 g
Dimensions4.3 x 7.3 x 10.3 cm
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