Refreshing your body scent
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People who have successfully given up smoking often say they weren’t aware of how bad their bodies smelled before, and for many this can be a very traumatic experience. Whether you’re a former or current smoker, here are a few tips on how to get rid of unpleasant body odors.

After you quit, your senses gradually return to normal and you are able to feel the odor of tobacco smoke blended with nicotine. During this process, many former smokers become self-conscious about how unpleasant their body odor must have felt to their surroundings, and may stress some people out. The issue of body odor may be quite specific and individual. Some people are concerned with the heavy smell of their sweat.  For older people, their body scent changes due to changes in sebum discharge (that’s the oily substance that your skin produces to keep itself moist). Mouth odor or bad breath is also a very common condition experienced by smokers or ex-smokers.

You certainly don’t want others to pinch their noses when they get closer to you, so if you are dealing with any of these health issues, here are some simple tips and remedies on how to prevent bad odor.

So what causes certain odors and how can they be prevented? Let’s take a look.

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