E. Somoyama
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I got Rien Pipe as a gift from my wife. Before I tried it, both of us thought I would never be able to kick the habit. Still, somewhere deep inside my heart there was a little hope and something was telling me that “this might be the thing that could work for me.” I also felt my wife was expecting me to quit.

Emotionally, the Rien Pipe program was easy to start with as it says “please, feel free to smoke as much as you want.” After about 20 days, I noticed the first change in my body – the time space between cigarettes got longer.

After around 30 days or so, I started noticing that I could do fine without smoking. I would still feel some uneasiness, so I would keep carrying a package of cigarettes in my pocket, but at last, I quit for good and felt no stress!

(*At the reviewer’s request, a pseudonym has been used)