Kazuo Ito
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I haven’t had a single cigarette since I quit smoking six months ago. I don’t feel as if I’m forcing myself; I just don’t think about smoking any more. My daughter in Tokyo first introduced me to Rien Pipe. Whenever she came to visit, she worried that my coughs were getting worse. Apparently, she had been thinking of different ways to get me to stop smoking.

I started using Rien Pipe 2 days after it was delivered to my home. I thought the cigarettes would taste different as I kept using the pipes, but nothing happened. I even called my daughter to complain, thinking there was something wrong with the pipes I was using. My daughter told me that the reason why Rien Pipe works is because you don’t feel any change, which lets you continue using it. It made a lot of sense, but felt really strange.

By the time I got to Pipe No. 20, smoking started to feel like a waste of time. Once I reached Pipe No.31, I quit smoking completely. Even my daughter couldn’t believe that I had managed to quit in one month. Both she and my wife were very happy about the change. My wife and I are living on pension payments, so our greatest fear is falling sick. When I was smoking, I had constant problems with my throat, and I was always afraid of getting some lung or throat disease.

Now that I’ve stopped smoking, everything tastes better, and I hardly have any bad coughs. I’ve started dieting recently, and I see a big change in my body.