Kazutomo Miyamoto
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When I started smoking as a young guy, back in those days, smoking was something that people considered “cool”. But, these days, nobody thinks smoking is “cool”, right? So, I wanted to quit mainly because of my daughter, so that she would think that her Dad is cool.

At the beginning, when I started the Rien Pipe program, I didn’t feel anything weird – there wasn’t anything strange at all, no smells, no strange tastes in the pipes. Still, I knew the nicotine I was getting every day was going down by 3%, so I really felt motivated to continue. Actually, I stopped smoking at the 27th day of the program – after I started using pipe No. 27.

Maybe Rien Pipe was too easy for me, I was almost disappointed to see how easy it was to quit! After I started smoking using pipe No. 27, all of the sudden, I didn’t feel any pleasure, smoking just started bothering me.

So, ever since I quit, I don’t feel like smoking again. I just enjoy the way I am now – my appetite went back to normal, don’t need to go to the dentist once in a month to get my teeth cleaned, my breathing problems disappeared. I feel my body is cleaner and physically I feel much stronger. I don’t want to slip back to the state when I was getting poisoned by nicotine. Plus, I really enjoy the time I am spending with my daughter and wife – the time I was previously wasting on smoking.