Ms. Tamaki
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One night as I was smoking, I thought for myself: “What am I doing? Why do I need this? Cigarettes aren’t nutritious or anything…” I began to realize how silly I was to be smoking like this.

I’ve tried to stop smoking without using anything in particular, but failed soon because I got overwhelmed by a ferocious desire to suck on a cigarette – that was in less than a month. My first trial to go without nicotine ended up by that time. Around the same time, I’ve heard about Rien Pipe program and decided I could try quitting that way.

Because I could continue to smoke, I didn’t get those strong cravings for smoking, and it made it fun to keep going with the program. Every day as I opened a new pack, I also treated myself to a really nice pastry, so I really looked forward to it.

Since quitting smoking, the inside of my mouth feels much better and cleaner, my voice has improved as well and I’m much better up on the stage.

Born in Tokyo in 1968, Ms. Tamaki started her career as a professional female naniwabushi reciter in the mid 90’s, after she visited a life performance of this traditional art held in Asakusa, the down-town Tokyo. In those days, she was working for a company producing apparel goods. She appears regularly in the NHK TV and ABC radio talk-shows. She is a multi-genre artist, who performs also other traditional recitative art of “rakugo” and puppet theatre.