Summer Sense: Rediscovering smells and tastes after smoking
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We’re in the thick of summer, and the heat is on! Whether you’re heading to the beach or just enjoying staying inside where it’s air-conditioned, something we can’t escape are the smells and delectable tastes of summer. If it’s been 3 weeks since your last cigarette, you’re bound to notice a difference around you.

Something that not all smokers necessarily realize is that many foods begin to lose their flavor over the years as chemicals in tobacco begin to restrict the range of taste. In fact, these chemicals can also cause changes to the region of the tongue where taste buds are found. Although each smoker experiences this change differently, the intensity and bitterness of flavors can be most drastically affected. For many people, this means that they can finally discern differences between types of coffee or chocolate, or how certain subtle aromas, like green peppers or freshly cut cucumbers, are ones they don’t recall smelling before. Still, the good comes with the bad: some former smokers have also mentioned how unaware they were of the strong pet odors around their home, or that the city in which they live in smells a bit funky.

This month, we’re sharing some of the tastes and smells that people have re-discovered once they’ve quit smoking. What are some of your experiences? Please share via Twitter (@SayonaraSmoking), Facebook (SayonaraSmoking) or in the comments below.

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