The Japanese Way of “Quitting While Smoking”
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Are you currently smoking yourself, or are you trying to quit? Or do you have a friend or a family member, someone around you, who is trying to kick cigarettes? Then you know something about how tough it can be to go full-stop.

Sure, there are heaps of other smoking cessation methods – gums, patches, and vaping with e-cigarettes to name a few – but many of these simply replace one form of nicotine with another. And for many people, this simply hooks them on to a new nicotine product instead of moving on from nicotine completely.

Enter Rien Pipe – a Japanese method of “quitting while smoking” – which may be the solution to that problem, especially in cases where a smoker has experienced a series of failures when trying to quit with other products. Unlike other methods, which demand that the user stop smoking, the Rien Pipe approach simply asks a smoker to attach a special filter to each cigarette. People then smoke as usual, smoking as many cigarettes as you normally do. Each day, they switch to the next pipe in the 31-day sequence, and the Japanese-made filter technology does the rest.

This original technology invented and patented by Tokyo-based Magical, Inc. helps to dilute the inhaled cigarette smoke with air and in this way, gradually reducing the nicotine intake from each cigarette.

In practice, this means that if you smoke a cigarette brand containing 0.1mg of nicotine, after smoking with the Rien Pipes for 31 days, you will be getting only 0.005mg of nicotine. By reaching this value you are considered to be free from nicotine addiction. If you smoke heavier cigarettes, the pipes can be re-used and you can get to the same level after 1 to 2 months after starting with Rien, which makes it much easier to control your smoking behavior and as a result, helps you to regain the power over your life again.

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