What is the Rien Pipe smoking cessation kit?

The Rien Pipe Choice

Rien Pipe GR quit smoking kit

You've probably tried patches, gums, inhalers - they worked for a bit, until you felt stressed out and craving a smoke. You've considered the pill options as well, until their pages of unsettling side-effects concerned you. Unfortunately, many of the options available to quit smoking involve switching one form of nicotine delivery for another.

Rien Pipe is an advanced filter that attaches to your cigarette. Each day you smoke, it subtracts an additional ~3% nicotine from the smoke you inhale, making for a 95% cut in just 31 days. No drugs, no chemicals. No added nicotine.

Stop using nicotine to quit nicotine.

The result? In 31 days, Rien Pipe cuts 95% of nicotine. For many, this made the final step of quitting easier. In fact, since 2005, over 550,000 people around the world have used Rien Pipe to stop smoking.

A non-smoking tool already used by over a half-million people

non-smoking-worldOver 550,000 people worldwide have selected Rien Pipe as their way to give up smoking once and for all. It's already become a best seller in Japan, Korea, China and the EU, and continues to expand into other areas around the world.

Over 550,000 sold worldwide.
Stress-free program that's easy to follow.
Gradually eliminates nicotine dependency.
Drug and medication free.
No side-effects.