Thinking of creating a workplace smoking cessation program? Rien Pipe can help.

Corporate Programs

Are you an HR/Benefits Representative interested in establishing a new Smoking Cessation Program for your organization?  Rien Pipe has already been used by a number of businesses in internal smoking cessation initiatives.  We are happy to support your corporate or workforce employees in their efforts to quit smoking.

Smoking in the workplace has always been a major issue for employers.  Smoking employees tend to be absent more often, have lower productivity and have increased healthcare costs - all of which not only reduces revenue, but can have a negative effect on workplace morale.

Smoking costs to employers

An independent study in 2012* estimated the cost of a smoking employee and found the following:

$517 / Absent 2.6 more days compared to non-smoker
Lost Productivity
$462 (due to lower productivity resulting from nicotine addiction)
Smoking Breaks
$3,077 (15-20 minutes every day beyond "sanctioned" smoking breaks)
Healthcare Costs
$2,056 (Excess healthcare costs for employers who self-insure)

Total: $6,112 in additional expenses, per smoking employee.

* Berman, M. et al. Tob Control 2013;9:1-6.

Partnering with Rien Pipe

Rien Pipe is a cost-effective solution that may help your employees quit smoking.  The overall cost of the Rien Pipe program - even when multiple employees join - is made back within the first year by the savings alone.  Plus, your employees will be happy that you are helping support their health.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us below to discuss how Rien Pipe can help your workforce become healthier, happier and smoke-free.